VI Brazilian School of Green Chemistry Meeting

O VI Encontro da Escola Brasileira de Química Verde abordará o tema “Biorrefinarias: A matéria-prima definindo o processo” e contará com sessões plenárias, técnicas e uma sessão de pôsteres


Date: September 26th and 27th, 2016
Place: CTBE/CNPEM’s auditorium / CNPEM – Campinas, São Paulo


The pursuit of industries for sustainability boosts a strong tendency for a change in the main chemical platform, of petrochemical base, which leads to overcoming new challenges and the need to argue new processes based in renewable platforms, with the intention of reinforce Green Chemistry.

Brazil has a recognized potential of technologies generated from biomass as feedstock, due to its agricultural and forestry industries. The generation of products and by-products of renewable sources is quite expressive, which justify the fact of many industries of bioenergy sectors, chemistry and of specialties identify the country as an appropriated place for establishing partnerships and development of its researches.

By these means, the VI Brazilian School of Green Chemistry Meeting is going to approach the subjects “Biorefinery: The feedsotck defining the process”, happening in September 26 th and 27th of 2016, at the Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory (CTBE), in Campinas-SP. The Workshop is going to have plenary and technical sessions, and a poster session.

On the expectation that the VI Brazilian School of Green Chemistry Meeting maintain the quality presented at 2015 edition, this year’s edition will count with the presence of recognized Brazilian and abroad speakers discussing the state of art on development subjects in its research groups.


Registrations can be made at the website until August 26th, 2016. The cost of registration is from R$ 150,00 to R$ 350,00.

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