Bioethanol Production

Juliana Velasco C. Oliveira
Phone: +55 (19) 3512-3573
Room: 236 A

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Research Biography

Has graduation in Biological Science at University of São Paulo (USP-SP) and Doctor Degree in Biotechnology at the same University. Since 2011 works as researcher at CTBE, focusing on genetics and molecular biology of microorganism. The researcher lines of her group are related to the study and the genetic improvement of fungi used in the biomass saccharification process, and yeast aiming the xylose fermentation.


2005 – 2010

Ph.D. in Biotecnology.
University of São Paulo (USP) – São Paulo-SP, Brazil.

2004 – 2005

Especialization in Biology Education.
University of São Paulo (USP) – São Paulo-SP, Brazil.

1999 – 2003 

B.Sc. in Biology Science.
University of São Paulo (USP) – São Paulo-SP, Brazil.

Areas of Expertise

Among several challenges faced in the production and commercialization of second generation ethanol, high cost of hydrolytic enzymes and the inefficiency on xylose fermentation by yeast are the most important. Accordingly, applying system biology approaches and genetic engineering our group aims to:

  1. Study and genetically improve fungi used in the process of plant biomass saccharification;
  2. Study and characterize regulators and metabolic pathways related to pentose fermentation aiming the improvement of Brazilian industrial strains.
Selected Publications and Patents

Selected Publications

  • NETO, A. A. K.; BORIN, G. P.; GOLDMAN, G. H.; DAMÁSIO, A. R. L.; OLIVEIRA, J. V. C. Insights into the plant polysaccharide degradation potential of the xylanolytic yeast Pseudozyma brasiliensis. FEMS Yeast Research, v. 16, p. fov117, 2015.
  • BORIN, G. P.; SANCHEZ, C. C.; DE SOUZA, A. P.; SANTANA, E. S.; SOUZA, A. T.; LEME, A.F.P; SQUINA, F.M.; BUCKERIDGE, M.; GOLDMAN, G. H.; OLIVEIRA, J. V. C. Comparative secretome analysis of Trichoderma reesei and Aspergillus niger during growth on sugarcane biomass. Plos One, v. 10, p. e0129275, 2015.
  • OLIVEIRA, J. V. C.; BORGES, T. A.; SANTOS, R. A. C.; FREITAS, L. F. D.  ROSA, C. A.; GOLDMAN, G. H.; RIANO-PACHON, D. M. Pseudozyma brasiliensis sp. nov., a novel xylanolytic Ustilaginomycetous yeast species isolated from an insect pest of sugarcane roots. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, v. 64, p. 2159-2168, 2014.
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  • AMORIM, H.; LOPES, M. L.; OLIVEIRA, J. V. C.; BUCKERIDGE, M. S.; GOLDMAN, G. H. Scientific challenges of bioethanol production in Brazil. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, v. 91, p. 1267-1275, 2011.
  • DE SOUZA, W. R.; GOUVEA, P. F.; SAVOLDI, M.; MALAVAZI, I.; DE SOUZA, L. B.; GOLDMAN, M. H. S.; DE VRIES, R. P.; OLIVEIRA, J. V. C.; GOLDMAN, G. H. Transcriptome analysis of Aspergillus niger grown on sugarcane bagasse. Biotechnology for B iofuels, v. 4, p. 40, 2011.