Pilot Plant for Process Development – podcast with Carlos Rossell

CTBe Pilot Plant

Facing the challenge of transferring second generation ethanol process from research bench to the industrial scale with competitive prices, CTBE presentes the Pilot Plant for Process Development (PPDP). Such structure, open to researchers and companies from Brazil and abroad, allows scaling of biomass conversion processes into cellulosic ethanol and other products related to bioeconomy. The podcast bellow brings an exclusive interview with Carlos Eduardo Vaz Rossell, coordinator of the Biomass Sugarcane Processing Research Division of CTBE.

On the interview, Rossell explains the important function of the CTBE’s Pilot Plant in the processes optimization, offering support to researchers from the public and industrial sector, such as CTBE’s own researchers. The interview also treats on the main projects developed in the Pilot Plant, mainly related to second generation ethanol.