Workshop on Ethanol Production Technology

CTBE is going to present advances on researches and to discuss points of improvement on efficiency and costs reduction associated to the first and second generation ethanol production.

Date: November 17th and 18th, 2015
Place: CTBE/CNPEM’s auditorium / CNPEM – Campinas, São Paulo

Brazil has currently an installed production capacity of second generation ethanol of about 140 millions of liters per year. However, this volume is considered small when compared with the domestic demand for fuel, supplied nowadays with relevant volumes of imported gasoline. Besides, second generation ethanol’s operation industries in Brazil face significant technical issues to pull fabrics at full operation.

The “1º Workshop on the state of art of ethanol production technology: eyes on the second generation” is going to present technological progress obtained on researches developed in the Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory (CTBE) to industrial and R&D sectors of the area, aiming the implementation and improvement of new or exixstents second generation ethanol’s industrial plants. Debates with companies and specialists of the sector will enumerate points of improvement of efficiency and costs reduction on the production of first and second generation ethanol, in order to elucidate potentials new research lines at CTBE to supply demands identified. It is hoped such mesures help to change the actual techno-economic paradigma of the sugarcane industry, rescuing its competitiveness.

Registrations can be made at the website until November 13th, 2015. The cost of registration is R$ 170,00.

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