CTBE receives research proposals for the Pilot Plant

The National Laboratory for Science and Technology of Bioethanol (CTBE) receives, until next March 15th, proposals for researches to be conducted in its Pilot Plant for Process Development (PPDP) during the first half of 2014. Users of universities and research centers in Brazil and abroad may also submit proposals for use of the Process Development Laboratories (LDP),which have continuous flow of external studies receipt.

A portion of the development costs of the research of external users will be funded by the CTBE. Studies such as those conducted in the Pilot Plant involve a significant amount of biomass and reagents. We will review each proposed research, but in most cases, the CTBE will offer a standardized raw material – sugarcane bagasse – facilities and training for the operation of these’, explains the director of the CTBE, Carlos Alberto Labate. The campus of the National Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM), where the facilities for research and development of the CTBE are, also has lodging and restaurant that can be used by users subject to availability.

The Pilot Plant is a major differential of the CTBE for being an unique environment in Brazil for scaling studies of technologies related to the production of cellulosic ethanol and other high value-added compounds from biomass. It has six different modules capable of testing experiments, in a semi-industrial scale, in the areas of pre-treatment, enzyme production, hydrolysis of biomass, alcoholic fermentation and bioprocess in general. The average capacity of the reactors of the PPDP is 300 L of reactant material.

In the Laboratories for Processes Development (LDP) have a wide range of equipment for the development of laboratory researches on the chemical structural and physical processing and physicochemical and its derivatives. In the Laboratory website you can find equipment that are part of two facilities of the CTBE.

Proposals of users from research institutes and universities must be submitted through the  Users Portal of the CNPEM. Partners of the industrial sector interested in collaborative projects can send email to sau@cnpem.br.