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Springer publica livro sobre Biorrefinaria Virtual do CTBE

A editora Springer realizará em janeiro de 2016 o lançamento mundial do livro “Virtual Biorefinery: An Optimization Strategy for Renewable Carbon Valorization”. A pré-venda já está disponível no site da editora. A obra apresenta de forma concisa a estrutura e os resultados dos primeiros anos de operação da Biorrefinaria Virtual de Cana-de-açúcar (BVC). Essa ferramenta […]


CTBE is going to open five new facilities to external users in 2015

The Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory (CTBE) is going to open five new technological research and development facilities to external users from Brazil and abroad in 2015. Since the beggining of this year, the following laboratories received research proposals through the CNPEM’s Users Portal: Laboratory of Metabolomics (LabMet), Laboratory of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), […]


New species of yeast can accelerate the 2G ethanol production

Transform biomass into fuel takes work. In the case of sugarcane, main raw material studied for this purpose in Brazil, processes are needed to break the lignocellulosic biomass into simple fermentable sugars. These operations are performed by sophisticated enzymatic complexes, obtained from various types of microorganisms. When everything goes right we still need to handle […]


CTBE receives research proposals for the Pilot Plant

The National Laboratory for Science and Technology of Bioethanol (CTBE) receives, until next March 15th, proposals for researches to be conducted in its Pilot Plant for Process Development (PPDP) during the first half of 2014. Users of universities and research centers in Brazil and abroad may also submit proposals for use of the Process Development […]


Latex paint with sugarcane bagasse for applying textures on walls

Simple ideas can generate outstanding innovations. The winning reasearch of  15th ABRAFAT I Award of Science in Paints is an example that proves this theory. The study, which was attended by the newly recruited researcher at the National Laboratory of Science and Technology (CTBE), Adilson Roberto Gonçalves, showed many benefits of adding biomass of sugarcane […]