2nd generation ethanol – podcast with José Pradella

Sucre palha no Canavial

Brazil has an historical production of first generation ethanol and a well establish technology in the field. However, the second generation ethanol rises productivity of sugarcane mills, among several other advantages. The podcast bellow brings an exclusive interview with José Geraldo da Cruz Pradella, researcher of the Biomass Sugarcane Processing Research Division of CTBE. Pradella works mainly on the following subjects: expression of heterologous proteins in bioreactor, cellulases production, biopolymers, vaccine production, high density cell crop and bioreactors scale enlargement.

The interview deals with subjects such as the challenges for a second generation ethanol economically viable technology to be developed. Pradella also talks on the most significantly discoveries in the area, as well as the development of the enzymatic cocktail and pentose fermenters microorganisms, and about the advantages we can expect in a short and medium term.