Components databak for the industrial simulations in the Virtual Sugarcane Biorefinery (VSB)

Memorando Técnico

The simulation of an industrial process, within the Virtual Sugarcane Biorefinery platform, is based on mass and energy balances carried out through process simulators, such as Aspen plus, SuperPro and EMSO.
Considering the process simulation in ASPEN Plus the inclusion of components present in a sugarcane biorefinery (e.g., first and second generation process) is detailed. Some components and additional data were introduced in the simulator databank due to their absence or the need to complement the psicochemical properties with information available in literature.
Guidelines for the definition of thermodynamic models in the unit operation models is also included in this technical memorandum. The appropriate selection is essential to prove process representativeness, since the thermodynamic models are the basis for the calculation of phase equilibrium computation and energy balance.


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